This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Monochromatic. I found a couple of pictures in my archive to share for this challenge.

We woke up one day last year and decided to go for a drive. We usually catch the ferry in Bremerton and go into Downtown Seattle. That day we decided to drive around the Olympic Peninsula. I can’t remember the name of the beach we stopped at, but it was beautiful.

IMG_2510 (2) IMG_2514 (2)




When I think of connected I think of the Puget Sound. There are islands and peninsulas that need to connect to the mainland. The favorite way to travel to Seattle from anywhere in the Sound is by boat or ferry. For some people these modes of transportation are their only option to get to work. Imagine if all you had to do was walk onto a ferry and enjoy the ride. No one would have a terrible day!

You must Love Football!

Hawks Pride

Yesterday was the last preseason game for the Seahawks. The ferry headed for downtown was riddled with Seahawks fans (and 2 Raiders fans that felt a little out-of-place). This little guy caught my eye as he was running around on the upper deck with his sister. I’m sure he wanted to have this done to his head, because well… it looks pretty cool! But it brings up a question, should we thrust our fandom on our children?

California Girl in Washington

I was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Two years ago my husband had an opportunity to be relocated to the place he grew up in, Washington. We sat down and talked it over. Then we talked it over with our oldest. Everyone thought it was a great idea to move (we all hated the heat).

We moved to Puyallup, Washington three days after Christmas. It was cold and rainy and I loved it.

I still love it. The town is great, hell the entire Seattle area is great. It takes my breath away every time we go downtown. The people are quirky and eccentric. The architecture is amazing. It is a huge city but you don’t feel like it is when you are out wandering around. I feel at home here in a way that I never did in Sacramento. It is beautiful here even in the winter, everywhere you look there are trees.

Are there things I would change? Of course! The idiot politicians in Olympia are trying to institute a “road tax” for the entire state. Yes a road tax. Meaning citizens would be taxed every time they drive on roads in Washington. The pilot program for this actually passed and is being implemented soon. Their justification for this is that the gas tax in use now isn’t generating enough revenue because of all the gas efficient cars out there. So they had to figure out another way to tax us.

Even with the road tax looming in the future, I don’t want to live anywhere else.


Scale & Observation

My youngest has some favorite stuffies, as most kids do. As soon as it is time to leave for preschool she runs off without saying goodbye. Have we given any thought to how the stuffies handle this abandonment?

Today I decided to ask one of them to accompany me on my usual preschool day outing. My daughter named him Bluey (if they don’t already have a name she leans towards literal ones: Bluey, Tigerina, you get the idea) and he was delighted to ride along with me.

Our first stop was a bench outside the library. He wanted to go down the slide, but he saw all the children playing and told me he didn’t want to get run over.

Bluey coppin a squat

Once he was done resting his tired little feet (it was a long walk from the parking lot for such a little guy) we went to the coffee shop. He was quite eager to dive into my French fries.

Waiting for me to share

We enjoyed our French fries and people watching. I think he got into my coffee when I wasn’t looking because he was jumping all over on the way back to the car. On one jump he landed on this bust and asked me to take his picture.

Bluey & the Bust

It was a good outing (even if he did pilfer some coffee). I was glad to have the company.