Rewrites are good…

There was something wrong with my WIP. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was ringing wrong with me. I shelved it for a couple months to come back at it with fresh eyes. I decided an entire rewrite is in order.
The whole concept I had going was just cliché as hell. I was also pantsing it. So this time I am making an outline. A rough outline but it’s an outline. I’m also keeping the same basic idea for my MC, just shoving it in a different setting. This new setting will give me more wiggle room and may lead to sequels.
As for my writer/serial killer story…it is coming along quite well. There’s no rhyme or reason to who/why she kills. Someone could cut her off on the freeway and she’d end up killing them in a month. It all centers around what makes good stories for her. A very sick woman. I’m so proud of her!
OK back to the grind. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Flash Fiction Friday piece!