Witch-Hunts are Real

I recently read The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff. It amazed me the amount of information she was able to dig up. She dug up what we would think was unimportant facts on the “afflicted”, the “accused” and the interrogators.

What stuck with me was that she found most of the “accused” were involved in a dispute – either past or present – with the Putnams, the house the “afflicted” lived in, and the Parris household where the reigning minister lived. The first few “accused” were public nuisances, women of questionable character that were bitter because they were destitute due to divorce or being widowed. The ones accused after those first few were involved in the disputes. From there it escalated into a hysteria where if you looked at someone wrong or didn’t agree with the masses the “afflicted” girls would name you as a witch the following day. They used it as an excuse to get rid of the people that caused the most problems in the community.

After reading this account of the Salem Witch Trials, I can’t help but notice a correlation between then and what is going on with the Transgender population today. We are suffering from our own modern-day witch hunt boys and girls.

The fanatics are causing their own hysteria with the “pervert” propaganda. They dredge up reports of men going into the women’s restroom to attack or take pictures of girls and pass them off as if they happened recently, when in truth they happened 3 years ago (and farther back). This is well before the issue reared its ugly head, but people take the bait and regurgitate the reports. Now people are seeing “perverts” everywhere they go.

Every generation in America has had a fanatical hysteria linked to it. In the 1960’s and 1970’s it was a combination of African-Americans and Hippies. In the 1980’s and 1990’s it was Communists (I still remember the monthly air-raid siren tests at the municipal airport) and LBG population (no T yet). Now its a combination of Terrorists and Transgenders (with Transgenders beating out the Terrorists). These are just the ones off the top of my head.

This country lives for having some “demon” to rally against. How about we rally against homelessness and hunger? How about we rally against rising housing costs (which contributes to homelessness and hunger)?

The reason we don’t is because the fanatics don’t think these things affect them. These are ‘ideas’ not tangible things that can walk in behind you at your local Target.

I could care less what equipment you have under your dress or in your pants. It is none of my damn business and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business either.

Can’t we all just pee in peace?



Everything Must Go!

I’m sitting at the play area in the mall letting the little one burn off some energy. I look up and see that the store across from me is “Tree of Life Christian Outlet”. There are signs hanging all over inside the store saying “Store Wide Sale” & “Everything Must Go”. Why is there a Christian store in an outlet mall? The store next to it is a tattoo and body piercing shop. That answers that question.
Now for my thought. With all the hypocrisy and bad press that organized religion has been getting for the past decade or longer, shouldn’t the heads of all the religions declare an “Everything must go” sale? Get rid of it all and start over with a clean slate? Seems to be the best course of action at this point.


Mad as a Hatter“…. that’s one way of putting it!

I saw an article last night about the Maryland couple, the Meltivs, that let their 10-year-old & 6-year-old walk home from the park and were then charged with “unsubstantiated child neglect”. In this new article the children were walking home from the park again this past Sunday, they were dropped off at 4 pm and told to be home by 6 pm. A neighbor called the police when they saw the children walking home. The children were picked up 2 blocks from their house. The children were kept in the police car for 2 1/2 hours. The cops told the kids they would be driven home and then took them to CPS. No one called the parents until 8:30 pm. The parents were frantic at 6:30 pm and started looking for the kids. When they got the call they went to CPS and were told to wait. They did not get their children until 10:30 pm. The “responsible” adults of the police dept and CPS didn’t even give these kids dinner.

The comments on the article ranged from “Leave the parents alone” to “How irresponsible! We live 2 blocks away from the school and I drive my 10 yr old to and from” to “The world has changed since we were all kids”.

Holy crap people…things have not changed since we were all kids! The only difference is you hear about it more because of how connected the world is. Children are more likely to be abducted by a family member or someone they know than a stranger. If you actually talk to your kids about the dangers out there and they prove to you that they can be responsible LET THEM BE KIDS! Do you want your children living in your basement when they are 40? Because that’s where they are headed. They will have ZERO social skills and not be able to function as adults because of this “fear” that has been instilled in them from a young age.

My oldest has walked to school since she was 10 (we lived over 5 miles away before that age). She walks up to the store all the time. My youngest is way to friendly and therefore she needs to have someone with her. That is called observing how your kids handle the outside world, not just following them around wiping their asses.

There are always risks in life: You may get in a car accident on your way to work…are you going to stop driving?

Someone may shoot you in a robbery at a store…..are you going to stop shopping?

Some kid at your kid’s school may shoot up the place….are you going to home school from now on?

The answer to those is hell no. Because we all know that the probability of those things happening is low if you are attentive and know what to do in those situations. So why shelter kids instead of giving them the tools to be responsible? 

This subject is one that gets my hackles up. Parents aren’t allowed to be parents anymore! We aren’t allowed to spank our kids or discipline them at all in public for fear of someone calling the cops. Yet when a kid is running around causing all kinds of chaos we say “Why don’t those parents discipline their kid?!” You can’t have it both ways people. We aren’t allowed to tell our kids “Go outside and play. When the streetlights come on, it’s time to come in”. Yet when the kids are overweight due to not getting enough exercise we say “Why don’t those kids go play?” Again, can’t have it both ways.

I weep for what the younger generation will grow up to be. May as well institute the principles of “1984” right now because that kind of conformity is what everyone is crying for.


Vampires Everywhere!

I’m re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. I haven’t read the last one yet so I decided to start the series over and have it all fresh in my mind.

I just started Dead and Gone. After the shifters’ “big reveal” I got to thinking. How would today’s society react if Vampires and Shifters decided to “come out of the closet”? Would it become a free-for-all hunting spree? Or have we become desensitized due to all the movies, tv shows and books about the supernatural that we would just say “Eh, it’s no big deal”? I would hope for the latter.


“Germanwings Co-pilot Intentionally Crashed Plane”

I was scanning Facebook and saw that headline. I read the article and it said the Prosecutor is claiming the plane was intentionally crashed. Then it goes on to talk about how happy the co-pilot has always been, yada yada. Nobody in the press has spoken to the family.

My problem with this whole thing: How the hell does the Prosecutor know the co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane?

Is he a medium? Did he commune with the dead guy’s spirit?

Did the co-pilot call him up prior to the crash and say, “That’s it! I can’t take the pilot’s incessant chatter anymore! I’m crashing this plane!”?

Is he just going off the fact that the pilot was locked out of the cabin right before hand? If that’s the case then we may never know the reason why. Maybe this was like a Liam Neeson flick! Someone was holding his family hostage until he crashed the plane because one of the passengers needed to die.

Or maybe he had a heart attack. Maybe he had a sudden case of narcolepsy.

My point is we just don’t know and may never know what was going on in his head right then.

California Girl in Washington

I was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Two years ago my husband had an opportunity to be relocated to the place he grew up in, Washington. We sat down and talked it over. Then we talked it over with our oldest. Everyone thought it was a great idea to move (we all hated the heat).

We moved to Puyallup, Washington three days after Christmas. It was cold and rainy and I loved it.

I still love it. The town is great, hell the entire Seattle area is great. It takes my breath away every time we go downtown. The people are quirky and eccentric. The architecture is amazing. It is a huge city but you don’t feel like it is when you are out wandering around. I feel at home here in a way that I never did in Sacramento. It is beautiful here even in the winter, everywhere you look there are trees.

Are there things I would change? Of course! The idiot politicians in Olympia are trying to institute a “road tax” for the entire state. Yes a road tax. Meaning citizens would be taxed every time they drive on roads in Washington. The pilot program for this actually passed and is being implemented soon. Their justification for this is that the gas tax in use now isn’t generating enough revenue because of all the gas efficient cars out there. So they had to figure out another way to tax us.

Even with the road tax looming in the future, I don’t want to live anywhere else.