Flash Fiction Friday

Happy Friday Campers! I have been in the throes of cleaning in preparation for a visit from the in-laws and the little one’s birthday. I was able to steal a couple of hours yesterday to get this week’s story done. Enjoy!


I woke up with a pounding headache and no memory of the night before. I lay on something cold and hard. There was a bright light shining through my eyelids. Where the hell was I?

I cracked open one eye to find the bright light was the sun. I braced myself and opened the other eye. It was hard to focus at first, the pounding in my head making my vision pulse to the rhythm. Once I was able to focus I found myself in a forest.

I eased into a sitting position. I looked around hoping to find some land mark to tell me where I was. There was nothing around me but trees. I looked down at myself to search for my sunglasses and saw a note taped to my shirt. I pulled it off, squinting at the white sheet.

“Mr. Glass,” it began. “We met a few years ago. You loved to drink then too.” I felt my pockets for sunglasses because the white of the paper made my headache worse. My search turning up nothing but a gum wrapper, I went back to the letter.

“It was during one of your drunken stupors that you forced yourself on me. I have not been able to recover from that night, a night you don’t even remember. I have decided this is my only recourse if I am to rid myself of the demons you have plagued me with. Take a deep breath and enjoy it, because it will be your last.”

As I dropped the letter, looking for a way to escape, I heard the unmistakable boom of a rifle.


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