“Germanwings Co-pilot Intentionally Crashed Plane”

I was scanning Facebook and saw that headline. I read the article and it said the Prosecutor is claiming the plane was intentionally crashed. Then it goes on to talk about how happy the co-pilot has always been, yada yada. Nobody in the press has spoken to the family.

My problem with this whole thing: How the hell does the Prosecutor know the co-pilot intentionally crashed the plane?

Is he a medium? Did he commune with the dead guy’s spirit?

Did the co-pilot call him up prior to the crash and say, “That’s it! I can’t take the pilot’s incessant chatter anymore! I’m crashing this plane!”?

Is he just going off the fact that the pilot was locked out of the cabin right before hand? If that’s the case then we may never know the reason why. Maybe this was like a Liam Neeson flick! Someone was holding his family hostage until he crashed the plane because one of the passengers needed to die.

Or maybe he had a heart attack. Maybe he had a sudden case of narcolepsy.

My point is we just don’t know and may never know what was going on in his head right then.


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