A Fly on the Wall….

If you could be “a fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

Good question. I have a couple of places I would have liked to have been the “fly on the wall”.

My first thought was to have been at the construction of Stonehenge. I guess that would be more of a “fly on the stone”. There are so many speculations on who, how and why the stones were put there it would be nice to know exactly what happened. Was it the Druids? Did the stones get there by magic or by giants? Was one of the gods just really bored one day and thought “Hey let’s screw with the humans!”

The other place I would love to have been a fly was Area 51 right after the crash in Roswell. To see exactly what came out of the ship and what they did with it. Were they able to communicate? Was the being hostile or just on a recon mission? Did we send him back?



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