Scale & Observation

My youngest has some favorite stuffies, as most kids do. As soon as it is time to leave for preschool she runs off without saying goodbye. Have we given any thought to how the stuffies handle this abandonment?

Today I decided to ask one of them to accompany me on my usual preschool day outing. My daughter named him Bluey (if they don’t already have a name she leans towards literal ones: Bluey, Tigerina, you get the idea) and he was delighted to ride along with me.

Our first stop was a bench outside the library. He wanted to go down the slide, but he saw all the children playing and told me he didn’t want to get run over.

Bluey coppin a squat

Once he was done resting his tired little feet (it was a long walk from the parking lot for such a little guy) we went to the coffee shop. He was quite eager to dive into my French fries.

Waiting for me to share

We enjoyed our French fries and people watching. I think he got into my coffee when I wasn’t looking because he was jumping all over on the way back to the car. On one jump he landed on this bust and asked me to take his picture.

Bluey & the Bust

It was a good outing (even if he did pilfer some coffee). I was glad to have the company.


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