Witch-Hunts are Real

I recently read The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff. It amazed me the amount of information she was able to dig up. She dug up what we would think was unimportant facts on the “afflicted”, the “accused” and the interrogators.

What stuck with me was that she found most of the “accused” were involved in a dispute – either past or present – with the Putnams, the house the “afflicted” lived in, and the Parris household where the reigning minister lived. The first few “accused” were public nuisances, women of questionable character that were bitter because they were destitute due to divorce or being widowed. The ones accused after those first few were involved in the disputes. From there it escalated into a hysteria where if you looked at someone wrong or didn’t agree with the masses the “afflicted” girls would name you as a witch the following day. They used it as an excuse to get rid of the people that caused the most problems in the community.

After reading this account of the Salem Witch Trials, I can’t help but notice a correlation between then and what is going on with the Transgender population today. We are suffering from our own modern-day witch hunt boys and girls.

The fanatics are causing their own hysteria with the “pervert” propaganda. They dredge up reports of men going into the women’s restroom to attack or take pictures of girls and pass them off as if they happened recently, when in truth they happened 3 years ago (and farther back). This is well before the issue reared its ugly head, but people take the bait and regurgitate the reports. Now people are seeing “perverts” everywhere they go.

Every generation in America has had a fanatical hysteria linked to it. In the 1960’s and 1970’s it was a combination of African-Americans and Hippies. In the 1980’s and 1990’s it was Communists (I still remember the monthly air-raid siren tests at the municipal airport) and LBG population (no T yet). Now its a combination of Terrorists and Transgenders (with Transgenders beating out the Terrorists). These are just the ones off the top of my head.

This country lives for having some “demon” to rally against. How about we rally against homelessness and hunger? How about we rally against rising housing costs (which contributes to homelessness and hunger)?

The reason we don’t is because the fanatics don’t think these things affect them. These are ‘ideas’ not tangible things that can walk in behind you at your local Target.

I could care less what equipment you have under your dress or in your pants. It is none of my damn business and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business either.

Can’t we all just pee in peace?



Rules to Live By

This week’s Flash Fiction piece was inspired by one of my sister’s random questions.


Rosalyn dreaded waking up. Her fiancé had ruined mornings for her.

There were certain rules she had to live by. Some she didn’t mind, they were rules she would have put in place.  There were others that she didn’t like. The worst rule was having to give him a blowjob every morning before she could get out of bed. It didn’t matter if she had to go to the bathroom, she had to take care of him first. She’d made that mistake before.

This morning was going to end differently. Rosalyn waited for the alarm to go off. She couldn’t wake him up early or he would know something was wrong.

There was a time that she liked going down on guys. She liked the control she had over their orgasms. Now it was a chore.

The alarm started blaring from the other side of the bed. He turned it off and threw the covers back. Rosalyn sighed and went over to his side of the bed. When she got into position, one hand holding his pathetic prick, she looked up at him and smiled. Turning back to what had become the bane of her existence, she took him into her mouth.

Rosalyn enjoyed herself this morning. She knew it would be the last time she would have to do this. She got him nice and hard. Glancing up at him she smiled and then bit down.

Rosalyn thought she would feel bad, but all she felt was elation when her teeth she’d spent a week filing razor-sharp severed his cock clean off. She sat up, blood dripping down her chin, and spit the lump of meat onto his stomach. Then he started to scream.

She got off the bed and looked at him. She didn’t feel anything. Leaving him scrambling for his phone and blankets to staunch the blood, she walked out.


This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Monochromatic. I found a couple of pictures in my archive to share for this challenge.

We woke up one day last year and decided to go for a drive. We usually catch the ferry in Bremerton and go into Downtown Seattle. That day we decided to drive around the Olympic Peninsula. I can’t remember the name of the beach we stopped at, but it was beautiful.

IMG_2510 (2) IMG_2514 (2)



When I think of connected I think of the Puget Sound. There are islands and peninsulas that need to connect to the mainland. The favorite way to travel to Seattle from anywhere in the Sound is by boat or ferry. For some people these modes of transportation are their only option to get to work. Imagine if all you had to do was walk onto a ferry and enjoy the ride. No one would have a terrible day!

You must Love Football!

Hawks Pride

Yesterday was the last preseason game for the Seahawks. The ferry headed for downtown was riddled with Seahawks fans (and 2 Raiders fans that felt a little out-of-place). This little guy caught my eye as he was running around on the upper deck with his sister. I’m sure he wanted to have this done to his head, because well… it looks pretty cool! But it brings up a question, should we thrust our fandom on our children?